Are You in the Flow of Your Own Right Timing?

What constitutes right timing?   Consciousness?  Proper eating, exercise and self-care? Trusting our intuition?  To me the answer is, all of the above, and more!  If we truly recognize that we are One with All Things, we might see how at the present time, we may not be in that flow.  Global harmony or discord originates within the self.  Are we aligned? Does the world around us reflect that?  Are we disjointed?  Does the world around us reflect that?  Are we measured, balanced and true?  Are we right-size in our actions?  Are we in ego?  
One thing I do know … we are all part of the universal mind – the stream of conscious, subconscious and unconscious energies that swirl everywhere.  What do you, as a citizen of the universe, contribute to that flow?  How does that play out in terms of your own right timing?  Are you in harmony with the colors, lights and sounds of the world around you?  
With new beginnings comes many opportunities to launch ourselves in new and exciting ways.  Let’s endeavor for safe journeys and calm waters.  Full steam ahead! 

About Susan Ann Pie'

Susan is a Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, dedicated to the betterment of all. She has been in private practice since 1994, offering programs and services in support of one's path to inner growth and evolution. Susan is a conscious channel for Spirit attuned to the wisdom of the angelic, spiritual and galactic realms that light our way on the path toward Ascension.
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