The Art of Movement

July 8 marked the day my father left this world.  It was a full moon in Capricorn (his native sign).  Numerologically, the date was a “7,” the number for Spirit.

The very next day, my parent’s home began its transformation:  curtains and windows were cleaned, the plastic that covered them removed, the rug shampooed, and the decision was made by my mother to relocate Florida to live with my sisters.  At no time was anyone stuck in grief.  We all kept moving, doing, thinking, planning, organizing. We’re still moving…

Dad had been ill for a very long time.  Returning home from his most recent hospitalization it was clear he would be best cared for through in-home hospice.   The day before dad’s passing, I asked him what he wanted to do.  I asked him if he could see the angels and family that both my husband and I saw around him.  He was sleeping, but I asked anyway.  Within 24 hours, he walked away from the body that could no longer care for him, into the light.

As this chapter of caretaking for my aging parents closes, the question arises, “What is possible for me now?”  How do I fill the void of loss and embrace the art of movement?” “What am I not seeing that I need to see?”  “What am I not doing that I need to do?”

Movement is about asking questions and being willing to receive the answers in whatever way they show up.  Slowly, gradually, the answers are appearing.  New opportunities for growth are showing up.  I feel the light healing me and encouraging me to embrace the art of movement once again.


About Susan Ann Pie'

Susan is a Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, dedicated to the betterment of all. She has been in private practice since 1994, offering programs and services in support of one's path to inner growth and evolution. Susan is a conscious channel for Spirit attuned to the wisdom of the angelic, spiritual and galactic realms that light our way on the path toward Ascension.
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