Nun Karma Repatterning

Ever wonder why, no matter how hard you try to put yourself out in the world, you somehow remain invisible?  cloaked?  Or, conversely, you may attract negative attention to yourself, when you’ve done absolutely nothing to warrant it?  
Resonance Repatterning offers a unique opportunity to shift how your energy field holds past life solemn, limiting vows made as a nun, priest, monk or other type of renunciation.  Nun Karma was created to release us from the cloistered, institutional atmosphere that dictated how we lived, believed, received and gave – and how we accepted all of that on every core of our being.  Think about it … vows of poverty, suffering, service, obedience, celibacy, martyrdom, penance, seclusion and guilt may still be circulating in the subtle layers of your energy body, held within your subconscious mind, attracting almost magnetically a false narrative that says, “Yes, you deserve to be limited by …..”  
Isn’t it time to free yourself of the vows and patterns that hold you back and make way for a more positive and prosperous life?

About Susan Ann Pie'

Susan is a Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, dedicated to the betterment of all. She has been in private practice since 1994, offering programs and services in support of one's path to inner growth and evolution. Susan is a conscious channel for Spirit attuned to the wisdom of the angelic, spiritual and galactic realms that light our way on the path toward Ascension.
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