Reiki for Health!

It’s been ages since I’ve taught a Reiki class.  Spirit has led me on many paths since becoming a Reiki Master in 1995.  But every once in a while, someone asks, “When are you going to offer Reiki again?”  

Here we are in 2018, and one of the last classes I plan on offering in New Jersey is Reiki.  It’s is where it all began years ago, and it’s my “swan song” as we prepare to leave the Garden State.

I remember receiving the gentleness and depth of the Reiki attunement, how nervous I felt over being perfect; and I could not understand how my psychic and intuitive abilities aligned with hands-on healing.  I remember meeting my Reiki guides – a new guide would appear almost every time I worked on a client.  So many guides wish to help, it’s just a matter of allowing the Healing Rays of Spirit to lead the way. 

If you are drawn to walk the Ray of Spirit, please join me.  


About Susan Ann Pie'

Susan is a Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement, dedicated to the betterment of all. She has been in private practice since 1994, offering programs and services in support of one's path to inner growth and evolution. Susan is a conscious channel for Spirit attuned to the wisdom of the angelic, spiritual and galactic realms that light our way on the path toward Ascension.
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