About Susan Pie’

Susan 12-15-2
Whether I realized it or not, I have been a seeker probably all my life.  As a highly sensitive little girl, I felt the loving presence of Jesus, Mother Mary, and the angels.  I resonated with energies and information, yet life seemed to run contrary to the wisdom streaming through.  With no teacher to help reconcile the wisdom of Spirit with the way of the world, I lived for many years trying to figure out what was “wrong” with me.
Through a “gradual awakening,” the shroud of not-knowing gradually lifted.  Teachers and peers began showing up everywhere!  My studies began in earnest.  I learned how to be, and how not to be, developing discernment and correct self-examination.
In 1982, I studied Jose Silva’s Mind Control Method and experienced the true potential of directed visualization. Gradually, I accepted that by directing my mind I could affect positive life change. Later, I studied soul travel – based on the principles of Eckankar.  Mediumship and psychic development soon followed. My desire for a spiritual focus led me to the ongoing study of east-west teachings, most notably, those of Ramana Maharshi, Rudrananda, and Yogananda. My time with the late Mayan elder, Hunbatz Men, provided an understanding of the ancient Mayan cuture and study of the cosmic and natural worlds.  My studies of star communication with Quechen elder Willaru Huayta are ongoing.  I was led to become a practitioner of a variety of healing arts, among them MariEL and Jin Shin Jyutsu; and became a Reiki Master in 1995; I developed and taught Reiki for Health for a number of years until I was directed to move into higher states of healing.
My work has shifted to a level of healing that has been truly life-changing!  The Spiritual Response Technique helps clients break free from lifetimes of discordant energetic patterns that once proved self-limiting and life-defeating.  I love it so much I now teach the system to students who are eager to learn this fascinating system.  Resonance Repatterning proves over and again that we can change how we think and what we attract, and live a life that is full and rich, and open to unlimited possibilities!  Light DNA Vibrational Healing is downloaded during a hands-on healing session.  The frequency supports all bodies (physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual) and the result is peace within.  Access Consciousness, a hands-on session,  is gentle and relaxing; yet it has the potential to change all areas of your life – you only need ask!
I have been in private practice since 1994, and a Minister with the Universal Brotherhood Movement since 2001.  I remain a seeker of wisdom of the ancients through mystery school teachings that deepen spiritual growth.  My travels in search of that wisdom from spiritual elders and teachers as well as the mystical experiences the sacred sites offer have taken me all over the world, in an ever-unfolding journey of wonderment and joy!


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