Reiki for Health!

It’s been ages since I’ve taught a Reiki class.  Spirit has led me on many paths since becoming a Reiki Master in 1995.  But every once in a while, someone asks, “When are you going to offer Reiki again?”  

Here we are in 2018, and one of the last classes I plan on offering in New Jersey is Reiki.  It’s is where it all began years ago, and it’s my “swan song” as we prepare to leave the Garden State.

I remember receiving the gentleness and depth of the Reiki attunement, how nervous I felt over being perfect; and I could not understand how my psychic and intuitive abilities aligned with hands-on healing.  I remember meeting my Reiki guides – a new guide would appear almost every time I worked on a client.  So many guides wish to help, it’s just a matter of allowing the Healing Rays of Spirit to lead the way. 

If you are drawn to walk the Ray of Spirit, please join me.  

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Nun Karma Repatterning

Ever wonder why, no matter how hard you try to put yourself out in the world, you somehow remain invisible?  cloaked?  Or, conversely, you may attract negative attention to yourself, when you’ve done absolutely nothing to warrant it?  
Resonance Repatterning offers a unique opportunity to shift how your energy field holds past life solemn, limiting vows made as a nun, priest, monk or other type of renunciation.  Nun Karma was created to release us from the cloistered, institutional atmosphere that dictated how we lived, believed, received and gave – and how we accepted all of that on every core of our being.  Think about it … vows of poverty, suffering, service, obedience, celibacy, martyrdom, penance, seclusion and guilt may still be circulating in the subtle layers of your energy body, held within your subconscious mind, attracting almost magnetically a false narrative that says, “Yes, you deserve to be limited by …..”  
Isn’t it time to free yourself of the vows and patterns that hold you back and make way for a more positive and prosperous life?
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Looking Back…Looking Forward

Last year was all about new beginnings, the “1” year.  Curiously, as the universe would have it, the new beginnings were not what I hoped for on one hand, and on the other, they were beyond my wildest dreams.
The grandchild we so eagerly awaited chose not to be born; with my father’s passing and my mother’s relocation, my role as caretaker yielded to an empty space that’s now beginning to fill.  National and world events – completely out of my hands – have provided a deep lesson in humility.  
Our trip to Egypt healed many wounds.  The profound love and energy of the Egyptian people was a hidden treasure just waiting to be tapped.  Prior to the journey, my guides said, “You will be delivered to your mother.”  I looked for her at each sacred site and museum.  It was when I stood at the foot of the 

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, I was told, “You have been delivered to your mother!”  Reuniting with the living energy of Isis, Hathor, Horus, the kings and queens, the Sphinx, great pyramids and more, my heart and soul filled with hope and enthusiasm for what is yet to come.  
2018 is the “2” year of co-creation.  For some, this may harken an earthly partnership; for others, a deepening of trust in Spirit.  For me, it’s a bit of both as I am told Spirit will guide me to new and exciting places; and I must be ready to move when the timing is right.  This does not mean sit back and wait on the will of Heaven but rather roll up one’s sleeves and push ahead to co-create as we partner with each other and with Spirit.  
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Valuing Self and Others

Welcome to late fall and the metal element.  The color is white – the yin organ is lung and the yang organ is large intestine.  To me, metal is similar to the swords suit in the tarot – all about the mind – what we think – what we ruminate over and how we process things through – do we hold on or let go?  What do you value about yourself or others?  What qualities or traits shine within – do you express them fully?  Do you judge yourself or others harshly, or do you simply not care what anyone thinks?  Do you hold on to past grudges and hurts, allowing the pain to define you, to limit you, or do you let go of everything only to cut off relationships to others, to yourself, and most importantly, to Spirit?  
The large intestine takes in nourishment, processes it and ultimately lets go, and with each breath, our lungs do, too.  Our lungs expel not only CO2 but also excess fat from the body during weight loss.  For those with issues and challenges in the lower digestive tract or with our breath or even our weight, we may wish to take a look at whether and how the metal qualities  are at play in our lives.  
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Autumn Bliss

My favorite season, next to spring and summer, is autumn.  Not to take away from winter – I simply don’t like the cold! – autumn starts off showy and cool, ultimately giving way to the slumber of the cold of winter.  But for now, let’s talk about autumn.  
We’re looking at the Earth element – stomach/spleen – the color yellow – the qualities of mothering:  too much, not enough, just right.  The Earth element is fed by the Fire of summer, and in turn, feeds the Metal element of late fall.  In the cycle of life, it’s the harvest.  Many human babies are born in the fall – I know many Librans and Scorpios.  Wildlife born at this time tend to be very scrappy – primarily because if they want to survive the winter they have to fight for their food!
The Earth element addresses the issues of worry and anxiety, of being appreciated (or not) by self or others; martyr versus narcissist.  I’m grateful for Spiritual Response Technique and Resonance Repatterning healing systems which  get to the root of these challenges for my clients.  
Restoration of harmony is a very key aspiration of the Earth element – integrating self into the world at large while not being swept away by the drama in which we may at times find ourselves immersed.  We may feel our bliss is miles away, or a distant memory, or something that eludes us completely.  I tell  you it’s in there, we just have to move the roadblocks to integration.  It is then WE emerge like a sleeping butterfly, transforming into the truth of our heart!
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On Growth

To grow is to have the courage to say, “Fine, I have attained something wonderful because I did this work consciously.  I can face the issues of my life.  I can consciously allow this thing or that thing to break up because I believe and I understand that only by surrendering and allowing this thing to grind itself away can I become free.”  The alternative is to sit there, whistle away, and tell people how great you are and how fantastic this thing is that you attained.  And nothing is worse in this world than being anticlimactic to your own growth.
Swami Rudrananda (Rudi), Rudi:  Entering Infinity
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The Art of Movement

July 8 marked the day my father left this world.  It was a full moon in Capricorn (his native sign).  Numerologically, the date was a “7,” the number for Spirit.

The very next day, my parent’s home began its transformation:  curtains and windows were cleaned, the plastic that covered them removed, the rug shampooed, and the decision was made by my mother to relocate Florida to live with my sisters.  At no time was anyone stuck in grief.  We all kept moving, doing, thinking, planning, organizing. We’re still moving…

Dad had been ill for a very long time.  Returning home from his most recent hospitalization it was clear he would be best cared for through in-home hospice.   The day before dad’s passing, I asked him what he wanted to do.  I asked him if he could see the angels and family that both my husband and I saw around him.  He was sleeping, but I asked anyway.  Within 24 hours, he walked away from the body that could no longer care for him, into the light.

As this chapter of caretaking for my aging parents closes, the question arises, “What is possible for me now?”  How do I fill the void of loss and embrace the art of movement?” “What am I not seeing that I need to see?”  “What am I not doing that I need to do?”

Movement is about asking questions and being willing to receive the answers in whatever way they show up.  Slowly, gradually, the answers are appearing.  New opportunities for growth are showing up.  I feel the light healing me and encouraging me to embrace the art of movement once again.

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