On Growth

To grow is to have the courage to say, “Fine, I have attained something wonderful because I did this work consciously.  I can face the issues of my life.  I can consciously allow this thing or that thing to break up because I believe and I understand that only by surrendering and allowing this thing to grind itself away can I become free.”  The alternative is to sit there, whistle away, and tell people how great you are and how fantastic this thing is that you attained.  And nothing is worse in this world than being anticlimactic to your own growth.
Swami Rudrananda (Rudi), Rudi:  Entering Infinity
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The Art of Movement

July 8 marked the day my father left this world.  It was a full moon in Capricorn (his native sign).  Numerologically, the date was a “7,” the number for Spirit.

The very next day, my parent’s home began its transformation:  curtains and windows were cleaned, the plastic that covered them removed, the rug shampooed, and the decision was made by my mother to relocate Florida to live with my sisters.  At no time was anyone stuck in grief.  We all kept moving, doing, thinking, planning, organizing. We’re still moving…

Dad had been ill for a very long time.  Returning home from his most recent hospitalization it was clear he would be best cared for through in-home hospice.   The day before dad’s passing, I asked him what he wanted to do.  I asked him if he could see the angels and family that both my husband and I saw around him.  He was sleeping, but I asked anyway.  Within 24 hours, he walked away from the body that could no longer care for him, into the light.

As this chapter of caretaking for my aging parents closes, the question arises, “What is possible for me now?”  How do I fill the void of loss and embrace the art of movement?” “What am I not seeing that I need to see?”  “What am I not doing that I need to do?”

Movement is about asking questions and being willing to receive the answers in whatever way they show up.  Slowly, gradually, the answers are appearing.  New opportunities for growth are showing up.  I feel the light healing me and encouraging me to embrace the art of movement once again.

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Rise Above … 

So often we encounter personal challenges – or for that matter, challenges that seemingly don’t directly affect us but we witness them affecting others – that hook us on the line.  As we are pulled down and out of our comfort and complacency, we may feel anger, sadness, fear, or we may even shut down.
“Rise above it all,” seems like a simplistic response to some really difficult times.  In fact, we may even tell ourselves that, but do we believe it and practice it?
Whether you are an adept at meditation, or someone who is new, you are invited to practice the following:  in your meditative state, ask for the expansiveness of Spirit to fill you, and for you to rise to the infinity of the universe.  Any and all challenges – personal, global, physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual – cannot expand with you because they are finite, fixed points of time and space. See them dissolve into the infinity of the universe – or better yet, ask Spirit to transform them for the highest good.
We are limited only by how we define ourselves.  Let go and be infinite.
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Creative Vision into Action

Welcome to the Wood element time of year – spring – it’s ALL about action! The Water element which governs Winter has thawed and (hopefully) is flowing to support assertiveness, right timing and direction of our creative vision.
The color of the Wood element is green – in all of it’s displays – currently my favorite!  Wood challenges us to look at and heal anger and belligerence – blame, criticism, judgment, as well as the times when we do not stand up for what’s right, and feel “bamboozled” by … well, you can fill in the blank any way you’d like.  
The virtues of Wood include benevolence – seeing things from a higher mind – raising our consciousness to a place where we can evolve, learn and grow – align with our direction and purpose, self-esteem and self worth – knowing Who We Are – and empowering us all to manifest that inner plan for our lives!  
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Are You in the Flow of Your Own Right Timing?

What constitutes right timing?   Consciousness?  Proper eating, exercise and self-care? Trusting our intuition?  To me the answer is, all of the above, and more!  If we truly recognize that we are One with All Things, we might see how at the present time, we may not be in that flow.  Global harmony or discord originates within the self.  Are we aligned? Does the world around us reflect that?  Are we disjointed?  Does the world around us reflect that?  Are we measured, balanced and true?  Are we right-size in our actions?  Are we in ego?  
One thing I do know … we are all part of the universal mind – the stream of conscious, subconscious and unconscious energies that swirl everywhere.  What do you, as a citizen of the universe, contribute to that flow?  How does that play out in terms of your own right timing?  Are you in harmony with the colors, lights and sounds of the world around you?  
With new beginnings comes many opportunities to launch ourselves in new and exciting ways.  Let’s endeavor for safe journeys and calm waters.  Full steam ahead! 
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Learn Resonance Repatterning!

If you would like to learn Resonance Repatterning for yourself, here is my recommendations page:


Want to experience a repatterning?  Check out my Sessions page for more information.

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Nun Karma Repatterning to Release Solemn Vows from Past Lives

Many clients have benefited from the Nun Karma Repatterning – an extension of Resonance Repatterning.  How do we rid ourselves of solemn vows of poverty, subservience, martyrdom and more when these vows are registered in the light body, and continue to attract distortions that block and limit our growth?  Check out the Nun Karma website and Carolyn Winter’s interview with me on this interesting subject:



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