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For Business or Home

Discord at the office?  Can’t sell your home?  Specialized clearings for home and offices can make all the difference.

Home and Office Clearings remove the negative energy that may be holding you back. It can be stuck in a number of places: Furniture, clothes, curtains, carpets, just about everywhere!

Working remotely, Susan can clear your home or office of this negative energy. There is no need for you to worry about your schedule, having to tidy up your home, or even be available during a specific time.  Since energy is universal, Susan can clear your home from across the street, or from across the country,

Spiritual Response Technique – for Business or Home – Just as individual lifetimes hold a place in the Akashic Records, property also maintains a consciousness which may be cleared of discordant energies. This process of clearing may be used remotely, or on site.

What One Client Reported...

“…The stalled construction project has moved forward with such speed over the last 24 hours I can hardly believe it!  That, coupled with a 180-degree change for the better in the temperament of the workers, proved beyond a doubt having you ‘clear the air’ was the best decision I could have made!”

~ Betsey N., New Jersey

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