For Business or Home


Discord at the office?  Can’t sell your home?  Specialized clearings for home and offices can make all the difference.  

“…The stalled construction project has moved forward with such speed over the last 24 hours I can hardly believe it!  That, coupled with a 180 degree change for the better in the temperament of the workers, proved beyond a doubt having you ‘clear the air’ was the best decision I could have made!”  Betsey N., New Jersey

Energy Clearing for Home and Business – Daily living generates stress – both good and bad. Exceclose up view of a single flower in a vasessive mental processing at work, electromagnetic disturbances generated from computers and cell phones, human interactions – deciding what to have for dinner, paying bills, our thoughts – even dreaming at night – emit electromagnetic frequencies that can build up in our office and home. Add to that life events – whether joyous or distressing – and you have an environment that is not only uncomfortable but may even create physical tensions in the body. My clearing system helps identify, loosen and disperse these energies so that your environment once again feels pleasant and inviting.  

Living room and veranda

Spiritual Response Technique – for Business or Home – Just as individual lifetimes hold a place in the Akashic Records, property also maintains a consciousness which may be cleared of discordant energies. This process of clearing may be used remotely, or on site.