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Learn the Spiritual Response Technique – Basic and Advanced Levels

“It’s not what happens to us, it’s the energy we attach to it that makes all the difference in our lives.”

What if there was a way to clear these energies?

SRT is a powerful spiritual healing tool that clears programming, energies, and challenges from your soul’s Akashic Records.  We carry lifetimes of energies that block and limit our growth and potential.  This advanced system of spiritual healing opens the way for true freedom of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves.

Basic SRT introduces students to the pendulum as the ideometer and link between High Self and SPIRIT. Based on the many years’ communication between founder, the late Robert Detzler, and SPIRIT, SRT provides a way to clear the soul’s history of discordant energies accumulated from many lifetimes as an incarnate being. Students receive a pendulum, a three-ring binder with the Basic level charts, and a copy of Robert’s book, The Freedom Path. Upom completion of the 24-hour program, students will be able to work on themselves and practice on family and friends as they gain confidence in learning how to clear the soul’s Akashic Records.

Advanced SRT introduces the students to the concept of SPIRIT level programming – that is, the challenges SPIRIT assigned each one of us before our incarnational lives! Students will receive advanced level charts as well as a copy of Robert Detzler’s book, Soul Re-Creation. After completion of Advanced SRT, the student is able to work with others in performing a complete clearing of the soul’s records. Discussion of becoming a Certified SRT practitioner is an integral part of this program.

Special arrangements may be made for students unable to attend the regularly scheduled classes.

Upcoming schedule TBA; contact me for trainings by appointment

For registration details, alternate options for trainings and for more information, call (609) 462-0208 or send me a message on my contact page.

Express Review for Basic and Advanced SRT students

These express review programs take the student of Basic or Advanced through the entire program and provide an opportunity to ask questions, practice a complete clearing as well as the many specialized advanced clearing methods.

Online Support Group for Basic and Advanced SRT students

Are you experiencing challenges to your work with the SRT healing system? Do you have questions about clearings? Are you a little “rusty” and would like to get back up to speed? Online support is now available through by VSee or Skype. Call for appointment.

Reiki Attunements

Whether you are just starting out in the healing arts or are looking for a way to add additional services to your existing healing arts practice, Reiki is a great system that aligns you to the healing rays of Spirit which you can use on yourself, family, friends, clients, pets and plants!  Everyone loves the gentle, balancing energy of Reiki.  These one-day seminars provide an opportunity for attunement to the Reiki symbols, education on the application of Reiki; advanced classes highlight distance healing, as well as advanced symbols and a teacher’s tutorial.  Manual provided for each level.  Students are encouraged to bring a pendulum for our work with chakras.  Returning students welcome!  All levels of Reiki are offered as follows:

First Degree
Second Degree
Reiki Master (Non-Teacher)
Reiki Master Teacher

For more information, call (609) 462-0208 or send a message on my contact page.

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